Ant On The Leaf-Macro Image Wallpaper HD Background Picture

Macro Photography is the art of making beautiful photographs of a tiny subject which details can’t be seen by naked eyes.In this photograph, I am trying to capture the detail of ant walking on a green leaf. Just after the rain nature becomes much attractive. There is a wonderful opportunity for macro photography in the rainy season.

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Ant On the Leaf Macro Image Wallpaper

Image Title-"Ant on the Leaf-Macro Image wallpaper"

Short Description- Ant on the leaf finding its' way out.A macro image gives us a glimpse of the tiny world which goes largely unnoticed by us with our naked eyes.

 Shot Date-24-07-2014

Gear Used- Canon DSLR

Canon EOS 5D Mark |||  

Lens-Canon EF 100 mm macro F/2.8

Flash- used

Exposure time-1/60  ISO 400  F /14

Location- Home Garden -Gangapur City

Photographer- Dr Mukesh Garg

Author: Mukesh Garg's Bird and wildlife Photography

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