Blue Rock Pigeon Love Birds Wallpaper & Cover Photos

I am sharing blue rock pigeon in love birds pair series. This image was captured by me on my rooftop. The image was shot with my newly bought Canon 7D EOS body. I am very much fan of this revolutionary || version of Canon 7D. As this has come up with the wonderful speed of 10 fps that helps me not to miss anything.Bird in action always my favourite shot.

Blue Rock Pigeon Love Birds Bird Photography-Tips trick,setting birds images free wallpaper background images Hd full-size pictures Canon camera shot
Blue Rock Pigeon Love Birds Wallpaper HD Cover Photos

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Image Title-"Blue Rock Pigeon-Love Birds wallpaper"


 Shot Date-21-09-2015

Gear Used- Canon DSLR

Canon EOS 7D Mark ||  and Lens-Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 IS USM

Flash-Not used

Exposure time-1/500  ISO 800  F /5.6

Location- Outskirt Region -Gangapur City

Photographer- Dr Mukesh Garg

Copyright- Bird and Wildlife Photography

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